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Tools and Resources - Personal Success

Emotional Intelligence Exercise: Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand yourself and others, and the ability to use that understanding in your work and private life. The 5 capabilities of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) are self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, empathy and effective relationships. Your EQ is usually much more important than your IQ when it comes to being a success or failure at work, at home, or on a committee or team of people. This handout explains the basics of EQ theory.

Increase Your Collaborative Influence: When IBM sought to transform the direction of the company in 2002, it identified 33 executives who were considered the best future leaders of the companies given its new direction. They came from all over the world, from every part of the business, with an extraordinary ability to get the job done. Researchers studied these 33 successful executives to determine what skills would need to be taught to the next generations of company leaders. All 33 were adept at a skill IBM calls “collaborative influence.” It is the ability to get things done by getting people to collaborate with each other, and IBM considers it absolutely critical in a highly complex world. How does this apply to veterinary medicine and what can we learn from it?

Standing Up for Yourself: The veterinary teaching hospitals are scrambling to improve their programming to meet these needs. Some schools have made many curriculum changes as a result and others are further behind. Many times the students themselves can help to drive these changes and to improve their implementation. VBMA chapters can be particularly effective at working for change in their schools. Working for change takes strength, skill and a positive outlook. You may find that when you work together in a positive fashion to implement sensible, simple changes, you’ll be able to accomplish quite a bit.